Drama is, by its very nature, elevated from real life—in terms of both plot and character. This author believes, however, that authenticity matters when representing mental health issues and storylines. Frame of Mind explores and offers a personal analysis on how mental health is represented onscreen. Its primary focus is upon television—since these representations are arguably the most pervasive—but with occasional forays into film.


Frame of Mind‘s author, Adam Chamberlain, is the Associate Publisher for Fourth Horseman Press, and co-editor alongside Brian A. Dixon for a number of its publications, including “Columbia & Britannia” (2009), which was nominated for the 2010 Sidewise Award for Alternate History, and “Back to Frank Black” (2012), an unprecedented volume of original essays and interviews celebrating Chris Carter‘s masterful and influential series, Millennium. He lives in London, and his interest in how mental health issues are portrayed relates in part to a new writing project. He has studied psychology, but is not a mental health professional.